Rushing the field after a Tech game has become a Red Raider tradition right up there with tortilla tossing and throwing water bottles at the opposing teams bands, fans and spirit squads.  At least the tortilla tossing was a little funny and virtually harmless.


I can almost understand why Tech fans rush the field.  Let's keep in mind that a LOT of the students and fans are from surrounding small towns.  They're in the big city and they're ready to go wild. Then everybody gets all jacked up on school spirit (and the six pack of Lite beers they had before the game) and when the team wins BOOM!  They have nowhere to go, so they go to the field.

By nearly all accounts, including the coaches, last nights game was UGLY.  I guess this facet was lost on the fans who've been brought up thinking "a win is a win".  If you look at the threads on the sports blogs today half the people are asking the same question as me (why?) while the other half are saying "uh...cause it was the coaches first game" or "maybe because it was the first Big 12 game of the season".

There's a big crazy waterfall of money out there for winning teams. I'm still kind of old school in that I prefer the ones that stress sportsmanship, honor and pride. You may not even realize it at the time, but "rushing the field" is kicking the other guy when he's down and that's not very honorable.

The problem here is perspective.  We look kind of dumb to the outside world. We're celebrating a full ONE game into the season.  Maybe, just maybe, we should get a little closer to the finish line before we start fist pumping.  Then again, you bought a ticket, have all the fun you want.