Get Your 90’s On This Weekend
This Saturday Tech is at Kansas, there will be a mostly full moon in the sky and before all of that, we kick off another "Nothing But 90's" Saturday.
The Real Five: Tom Petty
I think this may be the first posthumous "Real Five" I brought you and for that, I'm sorry. I generally knock these out when someone is touring or an album is highly anticipated. I do believe people are in the mood to hear a little Petty right now, so here's his biggest s…
Rest In Peace, Tom Petty
We all go through musical phases in our life, but for the largest chunk of my musical life, Tom Petty was my favorite.
Will People Really Quit Watching The NFL?
Are people quitting the NFL? I doubt it. I'm sure there will be plenty of calls to after this weekend, but the reality of a boring Sunday hasn't set in. In fact, this past weekend NFL viewership was up.

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