Science Doesn’t Care What You Believe
I have a vague memory of one of the first science experiments I ever saw. I don't remember the ultimate lesson, but part of it was sugar+water=sweet water.  That's some real basic stuff, but when you're 3 or 4 you don't know how Kool-Aid works, you just think it exists.
Dumping Oil Is Illegal and Really Not Cool
I am completely down with do-it-yourselfers. I understand some do it to save money, some just like the satisfaction and some straddle both lines. None of these are good reasons to poison the ground.
Happy 420 Day!
I have written many blogs about our need to decriminalize and legalize weed, there's one area of this topic that I'd really like to address and that is anti-pot hysteria.
Find a Forever Pet On Lubbock’s Craigslist Page
Looking at this in the best light possible, sometimes a pet does not work out for a family. They may have to move, that pet may not get along with another one, or they may be in a situation where they just can't afford pet food.

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