Thank You FMX Fans: We’re Number One Again!
Yeah, it's been 32 years. In those 32 years we've stepped up to the plate 64 times. In those 64 times we've never been beaten or truly challenged by any other rock format. I wanted to take this brief moment to thank you for your support.  More after the jump.
The RockShow Comes Home
We put together the RockShow with some simple ideas.  We wanted to get rock music back into mornings.  We figured we could do that by cutting out all of the fluff and repeats that other shows rely on.  We thought, let's do it once, then put it to bed.  It's been a pretty successful idea.  After a wh…
The Best Weather Forecast You Will Ever See
Do you think some of our local weathermen are a little nutty?  They aren't as nutty as this guy.  This guy, in fact, is as nutty as an elephant turd (and that's really nutty!).  Watch as this guy delivers the craziest weather forecast you've ever seen, and never once do…
I Wanna Be On Jeopardy!
Trust me, I wouldn't last five minute on Jeopardy.  Even without a buzzer I get maybe one out of ten or fifteen questions correctly (or correct ENOUGH) in my book.  The people on Jeopardy are super smart.  These people are like the top 1% of the smartest people in the world.  These people are like t…
The Heathen Owes You Two Bucks [AUDIO]
It's another study about drinking! I don't even know why they conduct these any more, but this one may actually benefit you!  Hear more after the break.

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