The Best Computer Security Code Ever [VIDEO]
I hate all the codes, passwords and usernames that are part of daily life now. Mark or the beast or not, I'm ready for a tattoo or a microchip that will make all of it go away.  I'm hoping my new laptop will have fingerprint access.  Even then, the new 'fingerprint access' just brings up your user n…
Visit “Oz The Great & Powerful” This March [VIDEO]
I guess at this point everyone has seen "The Wizard Of Oz". This movie is a prequel all about the "man behind the curtain". James Franco steps up to Johnny Depp land to create a new mythology for the Wizard Of OZ. More after the jump.
See The Pacific Rim Trailer Here [VIDEO]
Giants Robots versus Giant Monsters.  Do I have your attention.  Okay, how about 'the leader of the Sons Of Anarchy" fights giant monsters inside a giant robot?  Good.  Now that you're interested punch through for an epic trailer.
Darth Does Disney
You may have heard that George Lucas sold the rights to Star Wars to Disney.  Rather than being met with disdain, Star Wars fans are kind of pumped.  Disney immediately announced a new Star Wars move for 2015 and the big "D" does not fool around.  In the interim we h…
View Latest Prometheus Trailer Here [VIDEO]
Avengers didn't get me off my ass. Dark Shadows didn't get me off my ass.  Prometheus WILL get me off my ass and into a theater.  I'm am very excited about the first two movies, but this 'prequel' of sorts to the Alien franchise SCREAMS big screen to me.  I&ap…
New “Prometheus” Viral Video Features Robot “David”.
I am so pumped for the new movie "Prometheus" .  The movie is from the creative forces behind the "Alien" movies, but (apparently) doesn't really deal with those creatures.  From what I gather, earthlings travel to space to "meet our makers" and for one reason or anothe…
Did President Eisenhower Meet with Aliens?
According to a former Pentagon consultant and prominent author and lecturer, President Eisenhower met with aliens on at least one occasion during his presidency. Timothy Good, who worked with the Eisenhower administration, made this claim on a recent BBC program.

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