Be Careful What You Tweet [VIDEO]
Remember when you were in elementary school and you liked a boy or girl and a best friend would pass them a note that said, "do you like (whoever). circle yes or no."
The “Robot Fighting League” Does Battle Tonight [VIDEO]
Straight out of the movie "Real Steel" robot fighting is coming to your t.v. tonight. The SciFi Network will be pitting eight foot robots against each other.  Much like the movie, the robots will be controlled by people who are involved in real sports and plain old computer ge…
New iPad App Lets You Play Video Games With Your Cat
Cat toys sure have come a long way. Yarn and stuffed mice are still fun, but the more tech-savvy felines prefer getting their entertainment a whole new way: from an iPad. Cat food maker Friskies has released a new app called ‘You vs. Cat,’ billing it as the first dual-species t…
Future Hipsters Talk About the Internet [VIDEO]
I this video, set 50 years from now, hipsters talk about the "glory days" of the internet. They also cuss. The cussing is bleeped, but is no less funny. I think this is for some type of convention or seminar, so they get an "A" for their commercial and a "…

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