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The RockShow Big One: A Truly Great Anti-Gun Control Story
Isn't it great when the bad guys get whats coming to them?  Unfortunately it's usually not as great as it is in the movies, except with today's story.  We're about to tell you about one kid that you don't want to draw down on. This one is awesome, click through.
RockShow Threesome: The Hottest New Game Is Pizza Roulette! [AUDIO]
Who doesn't love the concept of "Pizza Roulette"?  Everybody gets a slice, but one slice has been "tainted".  Now I suppose you could taint it with just about anything, but you want something that will get a reaction.  A New Zealand Pizza place…
Man Can Now Scratch “Car Chase” Off His Bucket List [AUDIO]
I guess the concept of a "bucket list" is pretty widespread now.  There are a lot of people thinking about the things they'd like to do before they "kick the bucket".  For me, I'd just like to see the beach again, for others the list is as long…
Lisa Rinna Kicks Ass [AUDIO]
Lisa Rinna is my kryptonite. This woman makes me weak at the knees. She is hot and she loves pleasing her man.  Now she's writing a book about sex.  I'd like to teach her the New Deal Jackhammer.  More after the jump.

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