If you read my blog yesterday you will remember me telling you about my family's LP&L incident this week. Well sit down because the freaking turmoil continued today.

Today, we received a call from LP&L telling us that they did receive our payment but that it was considered late because it came in on January 1st and their office was closed (however our bill is not considered late until the 5th, which fell on a Sunday this month).

So, in fact our payment was not late it was just that an LP&L employee failed to process the account before the weekend.

The call today was to inform us that while the bill had been paid; there was a late fee since it was not processed before the 5th and that if we do not pay the $10 and some change late fee by 5:00 this afternoon we will be removed from budget billing.

Woody got online to review our bills for the past year and guess what, we won't be paying the late fee by 5:00 because we will actually save anywhere from $100.00 to $180.00 a month from NOT doing budget billing

Revenge is sweet!