The "Last Exorcism" follows the story of a preacher who's lost his faith and is tired of "faking it". Not only has he been faking his love of God, he utilizes special effects to perform "exorcism" with his justification that he's performing a service for those with mental problems. He invites a camera crew to follow him on a random "last exorcism" to expose the lies and prevent people from being hurt by the process. So basically we have a film taking place through the camera lens of the camera that's following our preacher Ala Blair Witch. The entire movie twists and turns and you never really know whether "Nell" is possessed until the last few minutes of the movie. You'll be convinced she's faking, then convinced she's not, and so on, and so on. The thing that polarizes most people over the movie is the WAY the movie ends, not HOW it ends. I personally was willing to accept the WAY because the HOW was pretty original. Overall I'd give the movie four Nightmares out of Five. It's far from perfect, but good, ole time creepy.