"The Real Five" is the indisputable list. It's the five most played songs by an artist.  I've got the top five from Zakk Wylde's crew plus an extra for ya!

Black Label Society descends upon the Pavilion at the Lone Star Amphitheater this Saturday night. It's part concert, part family reunion with just a dash of hell raisin'.  This is bound to be an epic night and an awesome party.  Come check out the boys.  You can get tickets in advance here, and they'll be ready for ya at the box office, or just come to the box office.  Wovenwar is also part of the show (former members of As I Lay Dying).

Let's start at the top because it's a bit of a surprise.  The number one most played Zakk Wylde track is:

1. In This River

2. Fire It Up!

3. Suicide Messiah

4. My Dying Time

5. Stillborn

And my bonus is the latest (and in my opinion greatest) "Angel Of Mercy"