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The Real Five: AC/DC [VIDEO]
I've done the "Real Five" from AC/DC with tracks featuring Bon Scott, but I think with the passing of Malcolm Young, it's time to look at the top five tracks from AC/DC overall.
The Real Five: Tom Petty
I think this may be the first posthumous "Real Five" I brought you and for that, I'm sorry. I generally knock these out when someone is touring or an album is highly anticipated. I do believe people are in the mood to hear a little Petty right now, so here's his biggest s…
The Real Five: Van Halen
Today is Eddie Van Halen's birthday. He's "around 60".  You see when VH started, David Lee Roth had everyone lie about their age, so no nobody seems to know if the guys are a year or two older or younger. Anyways, in honor of his birthday, I have the Top Five Van Hal…
The Real Five: Korn
Today is Jonathan Davis's Birthday! I couldn't think of a better way to honor him than a Korn edition of "The Real Five".
The Real Five: Breaking Benjamin [VIDEO]
Here to get you pumped for the 3rd FMX Purple Party, it's the Real Five with Breaking Benjamin.  Ben and the band have been rocking Lubbock for a long time and it's time to check out the top tracks!
The Real Five: AC/DC Songs With Bon Scott [VIDEO]
Wow, this list ended up being an eye-opener even for me. The Real Five is the top five most played songs. The idea behind this list is it is indisputable and critic proof. You can claim one song is better than another, but most played is most played and that is it. The first couple on the list were …
The Real Five: Rodney Carrington [NSFW VIDEOS]
The Real Five is usually pretty easy to come up with. When it's comedy, it's a bit tougher. Usually, it's the top five most played songs from an artist. With comedian Rodney Carrington, there are dozens of clips for most bits, so I had to do my best to add them up.

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