This post originally appeared on my Facebook page, but I think it's neutral enough for everyone to enjoy it.  Thank Cthulu that is over tomorrow and we can get on with whoever's plan we decide to go with.  More after the jump.


When we wake up Wednesday morning we're going to have a new president. It's likely that "new" president will be a re-energized President Obama who knows that the American people expect a lot more from him. There is also a slight chance we'll have president Romney who will find out he can't get things done as easily as he promised. The U.S. Government is like a giant boat. It is so enormous that it is incapable of sharp turns. Whatever good or bad that is done in the next four years can be improved on in the four years after. It is time that the congress starts respecting the will of the people and working with the president. It's time the people start respecting the president. Most of all it's time for all the negativity to stop. All that energy could be used for positive things. So on Wednesday, let's put this crap to bed for 3 1/2 years and get to work.