If you've been wondering how long it's been since we heard anything new from Tool, the answer would be 2006 and the "10,000 days" record. Rumors have been flying in recent months on news that Tool was actually working on new material. Well here's more fuel to throw on the fire for you.

Tool drummer Danny Carey tells Rip It Up: “Maynard deals with the lyrical content.” He’s been pretty busy with his wine and other projects lately, but right now it’s just Justin and Adam and I working on things and, you know, little bits and pieces, lots of musical things.” I’ve been playing lots of fusiony and jazz stuff lately with a band called Volto! and playing with some old jazz cats at the Baked Potato here in town, it’s like a famous jazz club here. I’ve been trying to get lots of new musical input into my system so I can have new influences popping out in that way, more than in a lyrical way.”

Waiting on a new Tool record reminds of that old Wolf Brand Chili commercial; How long has it been since you had a nice steaming bowl of Tool...well that's too long.