Facebook friends might be nice, but real life friends are better.  After missing Trans-Siberian Orchestra's first four visits to town, I decided to offer to take my family this year.  This was before tickets went on sale since I wanted to assure good seats.  No one was interested, so disappointed, I did not buy any tickets.

Fast forward to the day of the show.  At 4pm my wife decides that she definitely wants to go to the show. It is way to late to get tickets from the radio station, and I even had to miss the TSO on air interview and acoustic set with The Rock Show at the KFMX studios.  The concert is nearly sold out and there are no good seats available, so I hesitantly begin making phone calls.  To my surprise and with two hours to spare, my friend John "Get the shot, Get the shot!" Berry (KCBD Videojournalist/Photojournalist) calls me and says that he has me covered with two floor seats waiting at will call!

An hour before the show, another son calls and asks if I could get us all tickets, since he will soon not be living in town for a few years, and he wants to do a family thing before he leaves. No Pressure. I laughed, explained the situation, and paid a visit to my friend Ralph Dewitt (Ralph's Records) expecting to buy nose bleed tickets for the boys.  By time I leave Ralph's, I have two more floor seats waiting for me at will call. Thanks to friends, we had a pair of 2nd and 10th row seats, and we are at the show within 4 hours! (This got me some family bonus points.)

Walking down the steps to the floor, I realized that Pete "I Beat Pete" Christy (KCBD Sports) with his son in his arms was walking down the isle a few feet in front of me. Lubbock is familiar with his "Get The Shot, Get The Shot" and the You can't say "I Beat Pete" by beating him to the checkout line or finishing yer meal first, sports commercials.  As I laughed about the commercials, he suddenly turned around and was facing me smiling. At that moment, I just grinned, lost all control and hollered out... I Beat Pete! The look on his face was a real Kodak moment, as suddenly 20 to 30 people started pointing at him... my bad... sorry... kinda, Pete. (Sorry John... I didn't get the shot!)

We sat down in our seats in time to see the beautiful Christy  Hartin (KCBD anchor that I watch everyday at 4pm) leaving the stage.  A few minutes later I realized that she was sitting down with her mom right in front of me. Wow, since John her coworker, got me tickets, I now needed to get him a picture of her for KCBD... that's when it hit me... I had left my camera at home!

I was not sure how well my 2 year old phone (Droid) would do, but you can check out the pictures and videos  and get a real good feel for show, and as an afterthought, the show was fantastic, and I can't wait until next year.  (And to John Berry, I did not see Karin or Abner, but Christy is in a few photos and even makes appearances in the videos.)
Carry On...

Yer Wayward Son

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - First Snow - Live Lubbock, Texas 11-14-11

Trans-Siberian Orchestra -  - Live Lubbock, Texas 11-14-11

In this video you can see the Lighting Catwalk lower to right above our heads, allowing the band members to step onto it and play while it raises back up to the ceiling.