Never ones to say, "Hey, maybe we should change our mind because circumstances have changed," the Lubbock Country Commissioners are standing by their ban on skyrockets and 'rockets with fins.'


So recent rains are giving us hellacious dust storms, knee-high weeds and battalions full of mosquitoes. What they are not giving you is a break on some aerial fireworks for this 4th of July.

So the county has banned skyrockets with or without the scooter stick. I guess they don't really know what you guys are doing with fireworks. Heck the most dangerous things I've ever seen were done with sparklers. Have you ever heard of a sparkler bomb? What about just bending a sparkler into a "u" and throwing it around trees and power lines?  Now, I don't want you little miscreants to do ANY of the things I've mentioned, but they are TAME compared to some of the fireworks mods that I've seen on YouTube. The stuff I just saw made me feel like I was going to get put on a "watchlist" or something.

Speaking of taking regular fireworks and making them dangerous. Here's a video of 1,126 firework "snakes" going off at the same time. Believe it or not, it's just as boring as one, with the exception that it makes a giant pool of flaming crawling ooze.