The concept of a "no-refusal" weekend is a bit scary. Cops can pull you over and force you to take a breath test or they can take you to jail and get you a blood test. This is partially true and I'll tell you what I know after the jump.

The concept of a "no-refusal weekend" actually changes how the cops do business, not how you do business. All a "no-refusal weekend" means is that the cops will try to get a warrant for your blood in every case. You see driving is not a right, and by accepting a Texas Drivers license you are giving implied consent to these types of tests (really). In reality, any time you are pulled over the cops can force you into a blood test. Personally I'm cool with that. I would much rather have a hospital professional take my blood than have a cop have me blow into tube. Of course, you WILL go to jail until the blood test has been taken and/or until the results come it. For me, it would be a small sacrifice. I just don't want my life ruined over tests conducted in the dark by the side of the road.

Calling it a "no-refusal" weekend, I believe, is just a lame attempt to mislead people into believing that they have to take the road side test. That's a little ludicrous. A cop will not beat you over the head until you blow into a tube. But, ONCE AGAIN, as I understand it, it just means that the cops are more likely to take you to jail for a blood test. What's sad is they used this lame threat during our the weekend where we celebrate freedom and independence.

I am very much for keeping drunks off the road, but I can't abide by the "bullying" nature of the "no-refusal" threat.

This is what I've gathered after extensive reading. If you have any additional information, I'd love to hear it.

Below is a film I found from the Houston Police Force and it pretty much backs up what I said.