Everyone calls up friends and family for advice on occasion when they are trying to work something out, but what about all of the good advice you didn't take?

When I was a kid, my dad told me repeatedly not to lean back in the kitchen chair because one day I would fall and hit my head on the wall behind me. I never listened to him and continued to lean back in my chair and slurp my coke until the day came that I indeed fell backward and smacked my head on the wall behind me. Hard. There was blood. There were tears. I should have listened.

I have about a million examples of not taking advice from someone that's come back to bite me and I figured everyone else did too, so I asked my friends to share with me some examples from their lives of a time they didn't take advice and it backfired.

Here are the results.


"My last marriage." - Eric Nelson

"When I was a kid, I did a lot of farm work - hauling hay, tarping cotton modules, cutting firewood, etc. I remember several old-timers tell me not to jump off cotton modules, and out of pickup beds. Now that I am older, my knees and back are trashed. I should have listened." - Wes Wicker

"Don't purchase a car in your name for someone you're dating. Effed up my credit and they had completely trashed it, smoked in it, let the registration expire before they decided they didn't want it anymore and brought it back to me for me to deal with." - Kesley Snipes

"My best friend (who has been about a foot shorter than me our whole lives) and I did not heed advice to not ride bikes with her on my handlebars. It resulted in her flying off my handlebars when I had a stop fast in the road one time, both of her knees were so fully de-skinned and bloody! But we had to cover up that our parents were right so we made up a bad lie that she was just running and fell down and maybe if she’d been on my bike that wouldn’t have happened! - Bevin Butler

"I was told not to run down the driveway because I’d fall and break my arm. I fell. And I broke my arm." - Laura Hedlund

"When I used to work at a grocery store, my ex-girlfriend (also my co-worker at the time) told me to clean the floor in the dairy cooler since it had milk all over it (I didn’t). Near the end of my shift, I was walking through the cooler, slipped on the milk, and went headfirst into the concrete floor; blood everywhere. Still have the scar above my eyebrow as a reminder." - Benny Alexander

"When I was living in Colorado, I was hanging out with a bunch of neighborhood kids that were way older than me. We were playing N64 at my house and one of the kids was like. Let’s go pick some of Roy’s peaches. My mom overheard us and said, “do not pick his peaches, he will shoot you!” 2 hours later we are jumping a tall chain link fence to pick Roy’s peaches. Roy comes barreling out his back door with a shotgun and fires one-off in the air. We haul ass for the fence. As I’m dropping down the other side, my wrist caught a piece of the chain-link sticking out at the top and I got a nasty cut. Fell in some rocks. We were poor so we didn’t have money to go to the doctor, thankfully my mom is a nurse and she cleaned it out with whiskey, super glued it, and then told me to play. Being a kid is wild." - Katie Thompson
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"You know how your parents tell you not to jump on the bed?

Well as a 4-year old I obviously knew better. I was having a blast jumping on the bed. Until I got too close to the edge and fell off. And hit my face on the corner of the nightstand with my face. Busted my lip in half. As a result, it killed the nerves and I never had one of my adult teeth grow in and have a huge scar above my lip( which is why I have a mustache to hide it now)" - Jeremiah Cannibal
"When I was 4 or 5 my mother was ironing clothes and told me not to touch the iron because it was hot. You really should know your audience as a parent, because I had no thought to touch that iron until she planted that seed." - Suzie Shay
"Grew up in my dad's welding shop. Dad said don't touch anything. Grabbed a ball-peen hammer, hit it on a tire, came right back and it hit my forehead stupid at 6 years old" - Michael Benavidez

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