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We're Weird

I have to start with this. Myself and the Heathen used to come up with funny names for bands, then we'd form a band just to play under that name. At least that was the case with both "Pony Wings" and "The Vadges". That scenario is kind of how we go to where we are with this new comedy event.

And Now We're Here

The above anecdote is to illustrate how we came up with the "Balls Out Comedy" concept. The idea was simple, what if we used the benefits for this time around to neuter cats? For some reason the thought of abducting a feral cat, having it's jiggly bits cut off, and then returning it to where it came from seems hilarious. It's also very needed. We can stop generations of unwanted cats from being born in the least cruel way possible. For this, we've teamed with Kat's Alley Cats.

Our Other Event

We already have "Chrissy and Wes's Comedy Christmas For The Kitties And K-9's" in which we do the "Lubbock Laugh Off" format of stand up-improve-roast, so we decided on something a little different this time. This time we're doing straight stand-up from our favorite local comedians, then the first ever "Roast Of The RockShow".

The Comedians

We wanted guaranteed laughs for this event so we chose our friends Sweat Chuckles, Selena Martinez, Redd Giles, Christian Rivera, and JJ Howell for this event.  JJ will also serve as the roastmaster. We are planning on Chrissy treating us to a little stand-up or song as well.

Get Tickets

We also wanted to make this event affordable. Tickets are just $15. If you want you can get a table by purchasing a certain number of tickets (A table for four=$60). So basically you can guarantee table seating just by purchasing in advance. If you'd like to have some fun with us on August 9th, click here! Also, thank you to our friends at Nightmare On 19th Street for allowing us to use their ticket portal.

S. Martinez
S. Martinez

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