Mark Zuckerberg Doesn't Care About Your Prayer
Okay, I saw this hot garbage come across my feed for the last time, so let's get into it.
Let's start with the fact that Mark Zuckerberg never said anything about "the Lord's Prayer." Then, let's move onto the fact that if you have a problem with the founder…
Lubbock Stores Need to Get Ahead of the Hoarders
It's not enough that people won't protect other people from their germs; they have to hoard the basics as well.
I've been reading sporadic reports about people hoarding toilet paper again. I have to admit it just seems absolutely, positively ridiculous that I have to pass this news on.…
Science for Dummies
I'm probably preaching to the converted here, but maybe this will help explain science to those people who just don't get it.
The problem some people have with science is that it is always changing. At one time, the great thinkers out there thought that the sun revolved around the earth...
The Matador Has Moved
Two games remain for the Texas Tech Red Raiders, so it's important that you know where to merch up.
The Matador has moved locations, so don't panic. You can now find them on the corner of 103rd and Quaker. The Matador specializes in all things Texas Tech and is the Official Game Day Retaile…
Texas Lottery Releases New Holiday-Themed Scratch-offs
I like giving lottery tickets for the holidays. They're fun, easy to get and they could really pay off for the person scratchin'!
It's even better when you have lottery tickets that actually represent the holidays. The Texas Lottery has just released five designs that'll look good…
How About Making Lubbock A Sanctuary City For The Uninfected?
The idiocy that is going on in this town is unfathomable.
Right now, we could save lives in Lubbock. Instead, some people are fully invested in an unenforceable law/ordinance and are risking lives to push it. This situation is literally like they are trying to sell us on tornado preparations whi…

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