Giant Balls of Money Spotted by the Side of Lubbock Roads
We don't just do cotton and sorghum here. We also do a little hay.
I'm sure we do all kinds of crops, but I was impressed by the huge hay output over by my house in North Lubbock. The area I'm talking about is actually just about where the new expo center should be (at some point)...
An Open Letter to Lubbock Thieves: Your Time Is Just About Up
There are a lot of us who are tired of being victimized.
This past year I've had props, a compressor and fog machines stolen from my business. At the radio station, we had the catalytic converters stolen from station vehicles and tickets stole from our bulletin board...
Unboxing FMX’s New Birthday Bash & Local College Spot T-Shirts
Is it wrong that I still get excited when new FMX t-shirts arrive?
I have a friend that's a tattoo artist and he once told me that designs "look different in the skin." It's an incredible realization to have and a lesson to learn. You can take that lesson and apply it…

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