Greg Abbott’s Wall Dissected By Popular YouTuber
Beau of the Fifth Column is a very popular YouTube commentator with over half a million subscribers. He's ex-military, and has even worked as a military contractor. It's very interesting to see his take on things.
32 Pictures of Lubbock Pride 2021
If you haven't been to a Pride event, then you have no idea what it's about.
The 2021 Lubbock Pride Parade was held this Saturday, June 12th in the Depot District, and despite the sweltering heat, a joyous time was had. Temperatures went from 99 to around 95, but that wasn't stopping t…
20 Bands That Might Play the 40th FMX Birthday Bash
One of these bands has been approached about playing the 40th FMX Birthday Bash.
One of these bands is definitely coming to town. Whether it's the 40th FMX Birthday Bash* or not, only time will tell.
With the recent influx of bands hitting the road, we might end up confirming with someone else...

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