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What Happened to the Bottle Cap Puzzles, Lone Star Beer?
I've noticed lately that something is missing from my favorite beer, Lone Star. The awesome puzzle under the bottle cap. It's gone.
Yes, it's true. I went to have a beer at Jake's Sports Cafe last week and was informed that everyone's favorite cheap Texas beer was missin…
Texas Now Has Over 48,000 Fatalities From Coronavirus
The loss of life in Texas is just sickening.
More than 48,000 Texans have died of COVID-19 (as of noon on April 9th, 2021, it's 48,109). Do you think those numbers are inflated? Okay, what if it was half of that at 24,000? We have reached the point where almost everybody knows at least one …
Lubbock’s Jade Perez Is Rockin’ On The High Seas
I love this picture. I do not know the complete context, but it sure looks like Lubbock's Jade Perez is telling the boys how things need to be done.  Here's the picture description from the Navy:
PACIFIC OCEAN (April 6, 2021) Electrician's Mate 3rd Class Adam Perticare (left), fro…

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