It's hard to believe that is has been 12 years since our country experienced the worst terror attack in US history. Talk to anyone over the age of 16, and chances are they can all tell you exactly where they were, and what they were doing the minute they heard the words "an airplane just hit the World Trade Center" on the news.

In many ways September 11 was, and always will be remembered as one of the darkest, deadliest days in our nations history; but from the ashes of the destruction, hero's emerged, our nation grew stronger, race was forgotten and the strength of the American people made this world seem a little smaller.

People from all walks of life came together to aid in the rescue and recovery of victims, and to offer a hand or a shoulder to the families of the thousands of men and women who were missing or confirmed dead.

Every year since that fateful day, cities all over the United States have found ways to celebrate the lives of those who lost their lives and to honor the men and women who risked theirs to lend a hand to help in anyway they could.

Every year, Lubbock places nearly 3000 American flags(located at Miller Park) as a memorial and reminder of all that was lost and gained on that day, a vivid and powerful reminder of just how many lives were lost due to a senseless act, born from pure evil.

Every year I have visited the memorial and every year I get choked up. There is something very humbling and sobering about walking through the ocean of American flags and KNOWING that each flag represents a life, a story, a family with happy memories and a horrible tragic end that ripped a hole in their lives forever.


Tonight, I took my annual walk through the flags and could not help but feel a deep sense of sadness and loss. As I stood there looking at the flags and reflecting on the lives that were lost that day and the impact left on all of us left behind that day, I had that same gut-wrenching feeling that we all experienced that fateful day.

I stood there tonight, alone with my thoughts and I was reminded of the strength of the American people. As children ran in and out of the flags giggling and playing tag, and parents walked through the flags and attempted to explain to their children the tragedy of that day, while still clearly trying to make sense of it themselves, I was reminded of the strength of the American people....

One thing is certain though, we lost much that day, we as a nation also gained a great deal, we showed the world Americans will not give up, we will not be divided, we WILL over come!

Take time to remember all we lost that day 12 years ago, but also stop to think about all we learned. And remember to tell the people in your lives you love what they mean to you, and to give thanks to all the men and women who fight to protect us all.


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