Have you ever had a truly horrible house guest? It can make you feel unwelcome in your own home, and it's soooo awkward. How do you tell a friend or relative to leave after you're the one who invited them over? It's the worst!

If you think your in-laws are especially bad, just wait. The 15 stories in the gallery below are pretty dang bad. Enjoy!

15 Hilarious Stories of Horrible House Guests

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21 Texas Towns With Extra Naughty Nicknames

Texans simply do not hold back when it comes to nicknames, so here's a warning now if you have delicate sensibilities. Some of these names are pretty brutal, perhaps undeserving. Others, well...they walked right into it.

5 People Who Need To Be Publicly Spanked

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FBI Offers Cash Reward For 5 Paintings Stolen in Dallas, Texas

Have you seen any of these paintings? If you have any information regarding their disappearance, please contact the FBI's Albuquerque Field Office at (505) 889-1300.

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