My first job in Lubbock was as a barista at Daybreak Coffee Roasters. I didn't know anything about coffee before. I just thought working at a coffee shop always sounded cool and I was thrilled when they actually hired me.

Seventeen years later, I still know how to make pretty much every single espresso drink you could possibly want. The skills I developed there stayed with me, and I bet I could walk into any coffee shop today and still know what to do.

The RockShow asked fans to tell us what skills stayed with them from their first jobs. You may have some of their answers in common. Check them out, and comment on our Facebook page if any of them sound familiar to you.

1. "I can pack a bag at the self-check-out like nobody's business!" - Steven Sosa

2. "I can disassemble, clean, and reassemble a Blizzard machine in about 20 minutes." - Brandon Henson

3. "I still know how to thread a film movie projector. I worked at the $2 movie theater." - Wes Wicker

4. "I can make some damn good fried chicken!" - Douglas DeClerk

5. "I am really good at asking if you want fries with that shake." - Ronnie Rodriguez

6. "I can still convince you that you should keep a dial-up internet connection." - Brian Jacobs

7. "My first job was chopping weeds in a cotton field. I can sharpen a hoe like nobody's business. You could shave with it." - Danny Ortiz

8. "I can wrap a burrito with both ends closed right." - Cam St. Roth

9. "I worked at a dry cleaner and I have a great pocket, stain, and zipper check rhythm when I'm doing laundry." - Haley Henson

10. "I can blend toppings in custard like no other." - Jonathan Cranston

11. "I can still weld hanging upside down off a building." - Gabriel Dominguez

12. "I still have the skill of patience not to kill stupid people." - Janel Anderson

13. "I can control my breathing in a giant furry costume. I was Chuck E. Cheese himself in 2003. You can now say you met a famous person/rat." - Jocelyn Christiana DeLeon

14. "I still know how to put ice, salt, and lemon juice in a coffee pot and then swirl it around to get it clean on the inside." - Adam Hernandez

15. "I'm really good at untangling bead necklaces, like the ones we sold at Claire's." - Jennifer Renae Allen

16. "I know how to order stuff from the secret menu to make the old classic favorites from Taco Bell" - Sara Starr

17. "I can use a letter scale pretty damn accurately." - Joel Guerra

18. "I still read license plates from my 10 years with parking at Texas Tech." - Michael Fortner

If you have any cool skills that you'd like to share, don't forget to leave them in a comment on our KFMX Facebook page!

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