Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you start thinking about it now instead of the day before, you might make it another year with your partner. I've never put a ton of importance on the holiday, but everyone likes to be spoiled every now and then.

If you and your love-muffin like to go all out for Valentine's Day, here are a few lovey-dovey ways you can celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year in Lubbock.

For $125 per couple, you can reserve an evening at the At'l Do Farms Corn Maize, complete with a three-course meal, carriage rides, s'mores by the campfire, and dancing in the barn with a DJ.

Grab a bottle of wine and tune in to a virtual or in-person Valentine's Day cookie decorating class with Tumbleweed + Sage Coffeehouse. If you're spending your holiday with the ladies, they are also hosting a Galentine's Day Party, with adult-themed Lunchables, wine tasting and games.

The Overton Hotel's Pecan Grill is offering a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day experience at a great price that includes a four-course meal prepared by Lubbock's own Chef Noxon, as well as wine pairing. Check out the glorious menu here.

The Nicolett will be showcasing a five-course tasting menu with dining room and courtyard seating for $85 per guest. It only took a short glance at the menu to realize this is exactly where I'd like to go this year. Maybe I can talk my boyfriend into it.

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