Whether you're fighting about politics or football, there's some really cool stuff happening in the real world.

Let's consider this five "day-brighteners. It's important to acknowledge the positive and good things happening out there. I have a few things here that you should consider, or consider trying. Enjoy.

  • 1

    Daylight Savings Time Ended

    That extra hour Saturday night/Sunday morning was more than sweet. The return to standard time kind of crept up on us and I'm still looking at clocks that aren't set correctly. Still, it was awesome to look up and say, "man, I can stay in bead another hour".  I also really enjoyed getting up while it was still dark and checking out the remnants of that Big Bad Beaver Moon.

  • 2

    New Music Is Poppin'!

    We have new music from radio vets A Perfect Circle, Five Finger Death Punch, and Popevil. We also have Great Van Fleet and Awolnation representing the younger scene. Royal Blood continues to deliver great tracks (they're latest is "I only lie when I love you".  Metallica is also releasing a radio edit of "Spit Out The Bone" from the new Hardwired album.

  • 3

    L.E.D.s Are Getting Affordable

    I was by Walmart on Sunday morning and both regular and color changing L.E.D.s are being firmly introduced to the marketplace. One of the main things out there are the "pucks" that you can just stick to the back of your pantry door or wherever you may need more light. There is always some hesitation about battery operated devices, but batteries are better these days and if you turn these things off after use, the batteries will last a long, long time.

  • 4

    Gas Prices Are Decent

    Hey, anybody remember "THE GREAT THURSDAY GAS SHORTAGE"?  Yeah, that was an embarrassing moment for humanity. It really showed the selfishness, and stupidity of some people. Any-who, this blog is really about positive things and right now gas prices are hanging around $2.10 to $2.15 according to Gas Buddy. Not bad.

  • 5

    Whataburger's New Sandwich

    Have you tasted the "limited-time" Whataburger double with chorizo sauce on it? Holy geez. I shall have to wring tears out of my pillow if this does indeed go away. I personally think it stacks right up there, side by side with the green chili double. Oh, by the way. I grew up with an In-N-Out burger within walking distance of my house. If you like your burgers plain, we can have a debate. If you like specialty burgers, Whataburger is the place.

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