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I don't know if there is a woman alive who hasn't listened to a man explain to them something that they already know. It's quite common. It's like, uhh...every friggin' day.

Unsolicited advice on all of the joys of life can be found in the mind of a man. If you're a guy reading this article and you haven't realized that we stopped listening to you a long time ago, then this one is for you.

Here are some ridiculous examples of mansplaining, shared by women from the 94.5 FMX audience:

7 Times Female 94.5 FMX Listeners Encountered Mansplaining

The examples are truly endless and who has time for them all. We've all got better crap to do than to sit around and pretend to be informed if only to coax your fragile egos. We get it. You know a thing. That's great. We know it, too. Bye now!

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