I've spent more time cramming food in my face under a blanket on my couch lately than I'd like to admit. I decided its time to turn over a new leaf and get more active. I've put on some extra pounds this year, and instead of beating myself up about it, or trying some stupid yo-yo diet, I'm just going to commit to walking 10,000 steps each day at a Lubbock park.

I feel like I've sort of been waiting until New Year's Day to get started with my resolution to get in better shape, but why wait? I'll go ahead and get a head start now.

I reached out to my friends to find out what their favorite Lubbock parks were so that I can try to check out a different one each week on this journey toward getting healthier. I've compiled a list of 9 local parks that residents really seem to enjoy the most.

Check out my list, and be sure to wave at me if you catch me out for a stroll!

9 Beautiful Lubbock Parks To Stroll Through and Burn Off Pesky Holiday Calories

These are some really great places to burn calories and enjoy nature in Lubbock.


What is your favorite park in Lubbock? Comment on our FMX Facebook page if you think I should check it out.

...And, if you're reading this and you are thinking about getting healthier for the new year, I challenge you to start now with me and shoot for 10,000 steps a day. We can do it!

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