I would hate to be a 911 dispatcher, I am sure they get all kinds of odd calls from people with what to the caller probably really seems like an emergency when in reality it is just a persons stupidity hanging out.


I remember a few years ago there was a person who called 911 from the drive-through at a fast food place because they put pickels on a burger even though the order was for a burger with no pickels.

Last week dispatchers in Illinois got a call at 4 a.m. requesting police be sent to a mans house so he could fight them.

When police showed up the resident,  John Pacella, met them at the door and began pushing and shoving officers in order to provoke them.

Luckily for him he got exactly what he wanted, and then he was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, resisting a police officer, and battery with intent to provoke or insult.

Thanks to his antics Pacella is still in jail.

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