Now at Lowe's Supermarkets and Food King, you can donate to Hurricane Harvey victims, according to a recent press release.

It has just been announced that donations for Hurricane Harvey victims will be accepted at their grocery checkouts throughout Texas and New Mexico. Now when you buy groceries, you have an opportunity to add a donation of $1, $5, $10 and $20.

Littlefield-based Lowe's and Food King Supermarkets have coordinated this effort with the South Plains Food Bank disaster relief fund called 'From Lubbock With Love.'

Lowe's has many stores in the storm affected area of South Texas. Company CEO Roger Lowe Jr. stated in the press release: "Our heart goes out to the thousands of folks affected by this terrible disaster and we want to do all we can to get them the assistance they so desperately need."

"By coordinating our efforts through the South Plains Food Bank and the 'From Lubbock with Love' campaign, we are insuring that the donations from our wonderful customers are maximized and put to the best use," said COO Tim Cotton.

Ten truckloads of water have been donated by Lowe's to the affected areas according to the press release.

Their efforts continue with your help. The need is great, so do what you can at the grocery checkout when you shop Lowe's and Food King Supermarkets.

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