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I just signed a petition that you may be interested in signing as well. I follow Texas NORML, an organization dedicated to promoting fair laws for Cannabis use in Texas. What is NORML exactly? Straight from their website:

NORML supports the adoption of a legally controlled market for marijuana, where consumers can buy marijuana for personal use from a safe legal source.

Texas NORML posted about a petition from RAMP (Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition) which asks Governor Abbott to expand the Compassionate Care Program during the upcoming Special Session:

We are asking that HB 1535 be reconsidered in its original form, which includes:

  • Empower regulators and doctors by allowing the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to add conditions via an administrative process. This prevents patient suffering as they wait for another session and allows doctors to practice medicine.

  • Allow for a change in the THC percentage. This does not affect the amount of THC a doctor prescribes to their patient, instead it affects the amount of carrier oil they must take. Large amounts of carrier oil have harsh digestive side-effects. An increase in THC percentage means a reduction in the amount of carrier oil, which will make for more effective medicine. It also decreases the cost of medicine for patients.

As the bill passed, folks with chronic pain were not included under Compassionate Care. I find this to be incredibly unjust and unfair.

As a person with diagnosed PTSD, I could utilize the program provided I could get into see a doctor allowed to prescribe Cannabis. Even though I could have mine, I'm more concerned about my fellow Texans who need it as much if not more than I do.

I suspect PTSD made the cut because of how tied is to veterans, at least as far as public perception goes. But I guarantee many vets have chronic pain as well, so the distinction seems really arbitrary to me. Allowing for an "administrative process" puts the decision on doctors, not politicians.

If you would like to sign (and share!) this petition, it is available on RAMP's website.

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