Gateau de Jil French Styled Cheesecakes has offered an elevated, and acclaimed dessert option here in Lubbock. But not for too much longer.

As featured in Texas Country Reporter, these French-style cheesecakes are made by hand and completely from scratch with unique and exciting flavors. A huge departure from what many others offer: a previously frozen and not-too-flavorful shadow of what a cheesecake should be, plain, with a measly tablespoon of canned pie fruit on top. Blegh.

Unfortunately for us, Gateau de Jil is making a major move, as per her social media post:

Starting July 1st, we closed our “store front” doors for individual slices. We have tons of events this month but you can still order full size for your special event this month! Doors will official close August 1st! So get your orders in!! Flavors will change later tomorrow for the Last time! Soo get ready!!

The post is accompanied by an image that states "Austin, Texas September 2023"

Despite the move, Gateau de Jil will still make appearances at special events and caterings here in the Lubbock area. So there's some hope of trying her unique flavors without a trip to Austin this Fall.

Photo by Kofi Okyere on Unsplash
Photo by Kofi Okyere on Unsplash

When you love something, you have to let it go to where it can grow and thrive the most. I hope Gateau de Jil is even more of a smashing success in Austin than she already is. My only regret is that I never tried the pistachio.

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