I can't imagine what goes through someone's head when they decide to ditch a defenseless animal in a random place in town and then just drive away. It happens way too often, and there is ALWAYS a better solution than to leave an animal alone somewhere to fend for itself.

This morning, I noticed a post on the Facebook page Lubbock Lost And Found Pets about a puppy that was left alone in the parking lot in the middle of the night at Park Apartments in Lubbock. It was discovered by residents around 2 am. They heard a car pull up, a puppy crying, and then a car driving away. They waited to see if maybe they were just hearing things, but the puppy kept crying. They went outside and sure enough, there was a tiny black baby dog, all alone and terrified.

Sad Abandoned Black Puppy

It really breaks my heart.

I'm not a religious person, but if there is a hell, anyone who does something like this will surely be roasting there. It takes a special kind of evil to walk away from an animal and go about your life like nothing ever happened. It's absolutely disgusting.

It's very simple to take a pet you don't want to an animal shelter. It doesn't cost you anything at all. Maybe a few dollars in gas to get there. Wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing that you did the right thing? How can you live with yourself after dumping a dog and driving away?

It doesn't just happen in Lubbock. It happens everywhere. It's especially bad out in the country. People just drive 15 miles outside of town and leave a couple of dogs out there and drive home. If you ever see a dog walking in the middle of nowhere, please pick it up and take it to a shelter.

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