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"There is a lot that I want to say right now. There is a lot that I shouldn't say right now."

These are the word of Erica Morse, a private investigator in the Hailey Dunn murder case. Her sentiments reflect those of many who have followed this case, myself included. There's so much I want to say about the "person of interest," Shawn Adkins, that I should not. I will say that wearing sunglasses and smiling while you talk about "not" murdering a child sure doesn't make you look particularly truthful.

Hailey Dunn's disappearance and, later, established murder, is the type of True Crime story that fills forums and message boards of the crime-obsessed. A dedicated father searching tirelessly for truth, a completely suspicious and unwholesome ex-boyfriend of the mother, an innocent young girl, and an entire police department that is [redacted because I'm following Erica Morse's lead].

Hailey Dunn was only 13 years old when she went missing over a decade ago. Her remains were found near a lake three years later in 2013. Adkins has been suspected nearly that entire time. Why did authorities finally make a move?

Authorities have not said what led them to arrest Adkins after all these years. He was being held on a murder count in lieu of a $2 million bond, jail records show.

Investigations and subsequent trials can take a handful of years to complete, especially when a high-profile murder is the subject of the case. As a Lubbockite, Colorado City is too close to home. This case brought me such sorrow, such anger, and even such hope that justice will eventually prevail.

If Shawn Adkins is truly guilty, I hope he receives swift and "fair" punishment; "fair" meaning something that I shouldn't say right now.

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