One thing that is truly lop-sided about sexy-times is that you can see a female erotic dancer almost anytime you'd like, but a male stripper requires a whole special event. I'm not complaining, merely observing. Personally, I think the nude female form is the peak of human beauty, and most of art history agrees with me. Of course, many prefer the hunky male.

Is both an option?

Angelwitch Caberet (609 County Road 7150) is working to establish more balance in the erotic universe by bringing an all-male revue for ladies with their martinis to holler at. By the way, Angelwitch is BYOB, so bring your own vodka and olives.

From the venue's Eventbrite page, which is also the place to get tickets:

We had such a great time the first time and had such an amazing turnout. We decided to bring it back a second time and lower the price. We will be featuring the hottest and sexiest male dancers from all across the United States in a ONE NIGHT ONLY EVENT. You will see some of the best live stage performances from steamy hunks. And if you like what you see, all dancers will be available for private ONE on ONE dances!!

Tickets start as low as $25 for the March 8th, 2021 show. Considering you save on the booze, that's a hell of a deal. If you want to get a few ladies together and do it bad and boujie-style, VIP cabanas are available for up to 10 for $450. There are some other things you might need to know about ticket tiers and rules, so be sure to read the event listing carefully. 

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