Coming up on the 31st of this month, we'll have a "Blue Moon".  Are you aware that a "Blue Moon" rarely has anything to do with the color of the moon?  In fact, the explanation of a "Blue Moon" is even a little weirder than that.  More after the jump.

A "blue moon" is now accepted lingo meaning a "rare event".  Here's the strange deal though.  Most seasons or quarter years have three full moons.  Occasionally one will have a fourth full moon; and that's the "blue moon' right?  No, that's wrong.  When a quarter year has four full moons, then the THIRD one is referred to as a "blue moon".    Your "blue moon" will happen on August 31st.

Okay, now that you've got that, I've got more 'mooning' to do. The first full moon of October is known as "the hunter's moon" because it's brightness was used for night hunting.  It was also known as a "blood moon" for the same reason.  That is where we got the name for "Blood Moon Manor" at Nightmare on 19th street.

Now, you've been schooled.  Make sure you're out next Friday night to check out the blue moon.