Okay, here's the latest dumbass thing to be passed around on Facebook.  It states that, or implies that the moon will be pink on April 15th.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.


"The Pink Moon" is just another name for a full moon.  It has more to do with the flowers that bloom this time of the year than with the actual color of the moon.  "Pink Moon" is just the name used for the full moon in April.  It is also a "Blood Moon" which signifies that it was a good moon to hunt during. Some tinting will happen though.  The moon will appear a dark copper red (looked orange to me last time).
Now here's where the silly asshats role in.  This is a "Tetrad" and that means that there will be four lunar eclipses in a row, each six months apart.  You can expect some moron to start with some "Four Horsemen of the apocalypse" nonsense.  The fact is that this even has and will happen a total of NINE times in the 21st century, so if there was any significance to it, it's WAY past due.

Most of these moon names can be traced back to Native Americans.  Next month is actually called a "Flower Moon". Do you think the moon might turn into a flower?

Educate yourself. Here's a video from NASA.  They know what's up.  In fact, I think that's their official slogan "NASA: We know what's up".  Ever space agency should have a really cool, ironic name don't you think?


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