The Lubbock Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened the evening of Sunday, December 13th where around two-dozen shots were fired at a local apartment complex.

KAMC News reports that it was first reported at 6:50 p.m. at The Ella, located in the 1100 block of 58th Street.

The victim claims they were asleep on their couch when they awoke to multiple shots being fired. They say they heard what they assumed was someone knocking on a window, and then there were knocks at the door. Upon opening the door, the victim saw someone holding a handgun.

The victim says they then heard more gunshots nearby and that the suspect pointed their handgun at the victim. They quickly closed their door. The suspect then left. The relationship between the suspect and the victim is unknown.

Two witnesses in a nearby vehicle say they saw someone come out of one of the apartments and fire multiple rounds into the air before going back inside.

Officers located 23 .223 caliber rounds in a parking lot of the complex. No property damage was reported, no suspect descriptions have been given, and no arrests in relation to this incident have been made yet.

Lubbock police did arrest one person, but it was on unrelated charges. What those charges were, specifically, are unknown at this time.

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