Most of us are familiar with the old, "No salt, please!" request customers give at fast-food restaurants in an attempt to get hot and fresh french fries. According to a McDonald's employee, fresh french fries are not always what the customer actually gets.

TikTok user @haleylehane1 showed her method of serving customers salt-free fries in a video that has since been removed from TikTok. I wonder if she got in trouble for it or something. Apparently, she would just fry up a basket of salt-free fries and then leave them above the oil for whatever duration of the day. When a customer came in and ordered fries salt-free, she would simply dunk the old fries into the oil and heat them up.

This is honestly pretty common practice in the industry, even though it is certainly frowned upon. An article on Daily Dot was able to grab a few of the comments before the video in question was removed. Some people said that customers should just ask for FRESH FRIES when in reality, each customer just be served fresh EVERYTHING without having to ask for it.

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There is nothing sadder than getting a box of old, cold french fries. Well. I guess there are sadder things. Like, I dunno. Climate change, cancer, skyrocketing STD rates, or your mom's massive Christmas sweater collection that she proudly wears long after the season has ended.

I digress...

If you request fries with no salt, you should know that you aren't always getting some brand spanking new fries. In fact, you may just be served up a batch of old re-fried fries. Which one is worse? I guess I'd take the hot batch over the cold batch, even if they aren't actually fresh. I remember a friend of mine told me to order them with no salt back in high school, winked at me, and told me that she always did that to get the best fries. Unfortunately, service industry workers are onto our little scheme. Bummer. Any fries are better than no fries at all, I suppose.

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