Let's face it, many of us are a paycheck or two from serious financial straits. And not all of us have savings, family or friends to turn to. Homelessness happens, even to "good" people.

Yes, there are government and church-run programs that help combat poverty. But most government assistance requires a driver's license and an address. Homeless people do not have addresses, as it turns out. Shelters generally have a cap on days that can be spent there, and some exclude adult men. Churches sometimes require the attendance of a service. And not everyone is comfortable with that.

The Atheists of Lubbock have organized a no-strings homeless outreach to happen Sunday, November 17th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Mose Hood Park (2401 Avenue Q). Donations will be gladly accepted of course, so if you want to help, please do.

We will be providing resources for the local homeless community. Please register to volunteer at https://www.atheistsoflbk.com/events-1/atheists-community-outreach-event
You can donate items by droping them off at 1927 67th st, or contacting Tracey Benefield for a pick up at (806) 730-0113.


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