Jaret Reddick the lead singer of Bowling 4 Soup has a record label/video production company called BANneD In Texas. And the first release by this teen girl band is absolutely killer.

Jaret has long been active beyond the fame of Bowling 4 Soup doing everything from podcasting to Phineas And Ferb songs and voices. Now he is part of a Texas based label and video production company called BANneD In Texas. One of the first bands signed to the label is Not Ur Girlfrenz.

Not Ur Girlfrenz is a band of 3 young ladies aged 11, 12, and 13. And these chicks absolutely rock! Their first video is a cover of the iconic U2 sing I Will Follow. I'll be honest that I was skeptical at first, mainly because when you have singers at such a young age often their voices either haven't developed into their fullest potential, or they still have a young person's feel. Not with Liv Haynes the band's lead guitar and vocals, though. She absolutely powers this song into submission. so much so that I personally feel it blows the Fear Factory version out of the water. And with Liv's younger sister Gigi Haynes on bass, the youngest in the band at 11, and Maren Alford, the oldest at 13, who "beats the drums like they owe her big money",  Not Ur Girlfrenz could have a very promising future.

Now nothing will beat the original by U2, because they are one of the greatest bands in the world. But for these young ladies first foray into widespread musical releases, this is so well done that I'm excited to hear what they can do with originals.

For reference, here's the original U2 version of I Will Follow.

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