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If you missed The RockShow this morning, then you missed out on a grand roast of Bart Reagor.

If you don't know who Bart Reagor is, you likely aren't from Lubbock, and you can learn more about how naughty he has been in this lovely article.

Wes Nessman and I decided to have some good old-fashioned fun and burn the crap out of this (alleged) scumbag on-air this morning. It was quite the hit among our co-workers and we received several messages applauding our valiant effort at trashing the man who's accused of screwing over hundreds of people, customers and employees alike.

So...here you go! The RockShow's Roast of Bart Reagor:

Bart Reagor's attorney insists that Bart is a victim. In other news, down is up, left is right and pineapple is good on pizza.

Bart Reagor's hair looks like he secretes a venomous oil to keep away predators.

Bart Reagor looks like the guy in a three-person group that takes the last taco out of a 10-pack.

Bart Reagor looks like he sweats when he's asked a hard question.

Bart Reagor looks like he calls cheese sandwiches "spicy."

Bart Reagor's Facebook page has so many Bible verses, he could be mistaken for your great uncle that likely committed heinous war crimes.

Bart Reagor looks like the guy they send out when the real manager isn't in.

Bart Reagor's attorney is like Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate, except bad at his job.

Bart Reagor's face is always so red and angry. It's like he's holding in a fart -- or maybe he's just full of bullshit.

Bart Reagor looks like the vice principal of a school for troubled youth.

Bart Reagor looks like the guy at the office who borrows your scissors and never brings them back.

Bart Reagor looks like the guy who's always saying "Hey guys! Wait for me!"

Bart Reagor's attorney swore he was innocent by using a special legal tactic known as, "Nuh-uh!"

The only person who agrees with Bart Reagor's attorney is O.J Simpson.

Bart Reagor is so slimy, he can enjoy a slip and slide without adding water.

Bart Reagor recently found Jesus. Turns out, he was hiding under a pile of stolen money.

If these made you laugh, comment below or on our Facebook page and share your own roast on Lubbock's favorite supervillain.

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