Bart Reagor picked up 14 years in prison, which means the next time you see him he'll be a little gray and withered.

I don't believe Bart Reagor woke up each morning deciding to swindle anyone. I believe he got caught up in the momentum and then did whatever he could to just keep it up. I think Reagor became a character that we saw on TV and on the side of busses and somewhere the real got a little lost. This is a guy who got himself a pair of wings then just flew too close to the sun.

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Let's look at the other side of this. I have a friend who's actually one of the mellowest people you'll ever meet. It's near impossible to tell if this guy is mad, sad, happy or concerned. He purchased a truck from Reagor-Dykes just before the company fell apart. It was pretty much his first vehicle purchase and it took him forever to get the funds together. He was very proud of his truck because it was probably the nicest thing he'd ever owned.

Then, Reagor-Dykes imploded and my friend was a nervous wreck. He was one of the guys who never received his title and he was concerned that the car company that had put his truck on Reagor's lot was going to come and repossess it. My friend is just one of the stories of completely innocent, hard-working folks who went through the wringer because of this mess.

Hopefully, Bart Reagor will find himself while in prison. Maybe he'll spend a little bit of time thinking about people like my friend who trusted his dealership. I hope he understands the hurt he caused, the careers that were cut short and the lives that were disrupted. At the same time, I hope we remember that Bart probably didn't mean to hurt anyone and that things just spun out of control.

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