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Help The RockShow Save This Dog
This poor baby bulldog mix was dumped at The Haven. She is suffering from "cherry eye," which is not uncommon, especially in bulldogs, and completely treatable.
You Are Invited To A Potluck Before We Storm Area 51
It's a nice "get to know" you kind of event.
As you may have heard, we are coming up on a half million people who will be storming Area 51 on September 20th. I thought it might be nice that we have a little teambuilding dinner before we begin the raid, so I organized a potluck …
Lubbock Needs To Step Up Weedcutting
Have you ever gotten a ticket for weeds in your backyard? Maybe you had the city mow your weeds and then bill you? It kind of seems unfair that you have to pay the price but the city doesn't.