The inaugural Tacos and Tequila Music Festival was a resounding success- absolutely full of folks there to have a great time. I know a big part of the fun was how solid the line-up was with Bowling for Soup, The Toadies, and Collective Soul. These 90s powerhouses are perirenal Lubbock favorites that all built a special relationship with Lubbock over many years. And while I did not expect this to be the case, in my opinion, the "winner" was Bowling for Soup. They were outrageously entertaining and I've never laughed so hard at witty on-stage banter before.

Tacos & Tequila has recently started to tease its next event, which fittingly is a Cinco de Mayo festival. The Friday pre-party that actually falls on the holiday will feature Tejano acts, and I know that will be great, if not my particular scene. What I love in particular is rock, so let's make some guesses and wishes about that Saturday.

Please note: I currently do not have any special insider information about this. This is all spitballing, but I like to think I'm giving educated guesses as someone who has been to many, many Lubbock shows over the years. And we do have some clues. Or I could be totally off base and this article will age like milk.

Tacos and Tequila made a comment on their Facebook that they were looking to book "alternative" rock, and it was most certainly alternative rock that graced the stage this November. The definition of "alternative" varies widely, so we shouldn't get too bogged down with that, but I am excluding really heavy acts from this list (although I could be wrong!).

Using that clue, we should look at alternative bands that are either 1. On tour or 2. playing festivals in 2023. That isn't to say they couldn't book a band that is not exactly on tour right then.

Looking at tours and festivals, here are some bands I'd get really excited to see at Tacos and Tequila Cinco de Mayo.


I don't believe Ween has ever been to Lubbock. But they do tour frequently and even have Grateful Dead-esque fans that will follow them around for multiple dates. I am a HUGE Ween fan and I would absolutely die to see them in Lubbock. They have a massive discography, and their fun, irreverent vibe would fit the mood beautifully.

The Killers

The Killers were everywhere in the early 2000s, and Mr. Brightside is still a beloved karaoke favorite. This is another band I don't think has ever been to Lubbock, but should.


Muse is a further reach because they are a British band, but that's why I'm looking at bands that will be on tour in 2023. Imagine dancing with thousands to Supermassive Black Hole. I'm having fun just thinking about it.

Florance and the Machine

I went through a huge Florance and the Machined phase, and I think the band could do well here with the right supporting acts.

Panic! at the Disco

Panic! has had huge crossover success between both rock and Top 40 radio stations and would be a really fun choice for a party crowd.


Placebo is a big favorite of mine, and I'd just die to see their version of Running Up That Hill live.


A total outlier and unlikely choice, but a girl can dream, right?

They Might Be Giants

So nerdy and so fun. Many of us grew up with They Might Be Giants, and they might be a fantastic choice.

The Mountain Goats

A beautiful indie band that has an album called All Hail West Texas seems like a good fit for West Texas to me. This Year was a song I kept on repeat during the darkest year of my life, and I know it helped me make it through.

Whatever bands Tacos & Tequila books, I know it'll be a party. I can't wait to see y'all for the Cinco de Mayo festivities.

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