Just a warning. Before you click play on the video above, you might want to have a tissue or a handkerchief handy, as even the most hardened rockers might tear up after checking out Black Stone Cherry's video for "The Rambler." Now that you've been warned, go ahead and watch Loudwire's exclusive premiere of "The Rambler" video above.

Though Black Stone Cherry are known for their hard rocking songs, the guys scale things back with "The Rambler." The track, essentially the group's road song about being away from loved ones while pursuing their career, really hits home with the lyric, "A million miles from Kentucky, but I'll always be around / So turn your radio up when your heart breaks down." Add in some black-and-white footage of the paved and dirt roads and Kentucky landscape and the clip has some special resonance for the band. Be sure to stay through to the end, as the footage of the roads traveled has a payoff key to the group's Kentucky album.

The band co-wrote the track with former Shinedown guitarist Jasin Todd. In the "behind the scenes" video below, they share more of the story of their long-running relationship with Todd and how he brought the song to the band. Frontman Chris Robertson recalls, "I go up on the bus and he plays it again and everybody is in tears. It's just a really emotional song."

He later reveals, "There's just something about that song. I remember being in the studio and I was singing it and trying to keep back from crying the whole time, thinking about my grandpa and just being away from my kid and wife and stuff and I got to the last chorus and just had to stop." You see a little bit of that emotional moment in the video below.

"The Rambler" is featured on Black Stone Cherry's Kentucky album, which is due April 1 via the Mascot Label Group. It's currently available to pre-order via Amazon or iTunes or in special bundle options at this location. And look for Black Stone Cherry on tour at these stops.

Behind-the-Scenes Video of the Making of the Song "The Rambler"

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