Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx has given the coronavirus a thumbs down after the musician experienced symptoms of the disease and tested positive for COVID-19. Now, he's warned others that it's "no hoax."

The development comes after Black Veil Brides released their latest single, "Scarlet Cross," and announced an upcoming studio album, The Phantom Tomorrow. But before the black-clad rock band releases that effort, the act's longtime rhythm guitarist is battling the widely contagious respiratory and vascular affliction that's already affected over 11 million people in the United States alone, according to the CDC.

"Last Saturday, I woke up feeling extremely rundown, feverish and had a nasty cough," Jinxx relayed via Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday (Nov. 18). "I didn't hesitate to take my family down to get tested right away."

But while other members of the musician's household, including his wife, Alice Mogg, and their month-old newborn baby, Lennon, tested negative for COVID-19, Jinxx's test turned up positive. (His mother is currently awaiting the results of a second test.) On social media, Jinxx further detailed his symptoms.

"Monday night the fever lifted, but I had lost my sense of taste and smell," the guitarist, whose real name is Jeremy Ferguson, reported. "The cough had moved into my lungs and last night noticed tightness in my chest, did some breathing exercises and it eased up. Today I'm just really tired and dizzy. Hoping the worst of it has passed."

Per The New York Times, one out of every 400 Americans has now tested positive for the coronavirus as it continues to surge worldwide since first being identified in China late last year. It has killed over 1 million people across the globe, including some 250,000 in the United States. The global pandemic is affecting nearly every walk of life, the music industry included, with live concerts and major tours effectively shuttered until next year at the earliest. Multiple vaccines are currently being fast-tracked to help quell the spread.

"Stay safe and PLEASE wear a mask!" Jinxx added on Monday. "No matter how annoying it is. And take this seriously. This is no hoax, and cases are spiking everywhere, and no one is immune."

Black Veil Brides' The Phantom Tomorrow arrives in 2021.

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