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Lubbock restaurants doing drive-thru, curbside and delivery

Lubbock's Dora Moss Interiors Soon to Be Closing Their Doors
Unfortunately, it's been a very difficult time for all of us and some of us have been hit harder than others. For Dora Moss Interiors, at 3536 34th street in Lubbock, we're very sad to see that they will soon be closing their doors permanently due to the COVID-19 economic crisis...
Let's Get Personal With Lubbock Body Waxer Madison Gutierrez
Services of a more, ahem, personal nature are back in business. From haircuts to tattoos, you can mod your bod as you see long as you're following guidelines and not acting like a total Karen to your service provider. (Seriously, tip like you mean it, and use your best manners...

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