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Because of a slight difference in permitting, Two Doc's is only available for to-go orders, but Brewery LBK is allowed open as a "mixed-use" venue.

In a spirit of solidarity that defines the best of craftspeople and artisans, Brewery LBK has a delicious Two Docs offering, 'Weller Weiss,' available on tap.

"The Brewery LBK is fortunate in that we have a mixed use license that allows our taproom to stay open when others are forced to close," they wrote on their Facebook page. "With that in mind, we've dedicated a tap to @twodocsbrewing."

This is straight-up beautiful.

In a world that teaches us to tear at our competitor's throats, more and more folks are realizing that cooperation, not competition, is what separates the best of humanity from the basest parts of our animal brains.

Civilizations have been built through cooperation, as there's simply no other way to achieve greatness at that level. Sure, competition is the fire that sharpens blades, but not everything in life requires weaponry. The finest athletes could not compete had the cooperation to build stadiums/tracks/courts not proceeded the game.

Thank you, Brewery LBK, for restoring some hope in humanity for me.

You can support both venues through a to-go order, or even ordering awesome merch.

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