Think about this-our troops were able to fly into an exclusive neighborhood, in a sovereign country, take care of their mission and return home with no injuries (they lost a helicopter, but they blew that up themselves since it was disabled).  If our troops are so good that they can perform surgical strikes like this, why even have ground forces around?  I understand larger operations might require bigger operations, and we might even have to pound places with bombs before our best can extract or kill whatever their after, but having troops far away from home for extended periods of time is hard on the troops and expensive.

We are not going to make any nation something it doesn't want to be.  If the people want freedom, then they need to sacrifice for freedom, just as our forefathers did and as our soldiers fight for everyday.  When the women get tired of being treated like dogs, they will revolt.  When they get tired of losing children they will quit blowing them up. We end up emasculating the men because they aren't or weren't tough enough to stand up to hatred themselves so they turn their hate on us.

We just can't save everyone while we're crumbling from the inside.  Bin Laden is dead and if his successor makes threats or takes action we put together another unit and kill them.  We put our troops near our borders and near their homes, we keep 'em sharp and keep them ready for quick deployment and in the meantime keep our own citizens safe.