Many of us want to help out folks who are having hard times, especially as we get closer to the holidays. But we may not know where to begin. Handing over money to someone on the street might not be the best thing for them if they happen to be addicted to drugs or otherwise unable to spend the money to their benefit. Buying people food they may not want or need might be a total waste of our cash and efforts. And some of us might not feel safe or comfortable with the interaction at all.

Additionally, many people are less obviously in need of help. They could be keeping up appearances as best as they can, but still may desperately need a decent meal, or the ability to take their child out of a stressful home situation, if only for a little while. How can we help them?

Sure, we could just donate to an organization that specializes in these things, and many of us do. But there is nothing wrong with having the desire to give more immediately and directly. 

In some cities, businesses have begun a pay-it-forward system, like the one you see below:


If there is a place in Lubbock that does this, I am unaware of it, and I would be interested in contributing to it. It would a win/win of giving for me, as I could help a business while also helping someone in need. If you are a Lubbock business owner this might be an excellent opportunity to facilitate a lot of good in our Lubbock community.

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