I am sure this is just a bunch of who-ha stirred up by someone looking a little too hard for a story.

Texas Tech Football vs Kansas State- 2017
Ashley Wirz, 1340TheFan.com

I read a story about some business who were reportedly "upset" with Tech having so many morning games. First, I'm betting that even the term "upset" was blown way out of proportion. Second, since when does Tech Football or any student activities owe you anything?

The claim is that if Tech has an early game on Saturday, students don't go out because they have to get up early. Yeah, I guess that's why Thursday college nights aren't a thing. Next up, other businesses end up benefiting from the early starts. There is no shortage of folks hitting the breakfast and lunch restaurants, shopping, and taking care of other business in the Hub. People also do things after the game as well.

If you bet on the nightlife, especially student nightlife, then that's on you. You bet, and just like in Vegas, sometimes you lose. Sometimes they have parties to go to and sometimes they actually stay in and eat their Ramen.

Once again, I doubt any businesses were actually "upset", they probably just prefer that games happen at 3 on a Saturday so they can double dip Friday and Saturday nights. Heck, who wouldn't want that?

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